Repair Broken iPhone XS Max

Your Apple iPhone XS MAX is broken or damaged and you are looking to get your iPhone XS MAX repaired? Compare now and find the best price for the required service for your Apple iPhone XS MAX and go directly to the store.

iPhone XS Max Repairs Near South East London and Kent.

Check Screen Replacement Prices in Unites Kingdom in Apple Store that how how much screen repair cost without apple care. 

The display panel of the iPhone XS Max is comprised of three different parts; the glass panel, digitiser and OLED screen. They are unfortunately all bonded together, meaning that if one of the parts gets damaged we'll need to replace all of them.

While replacing the screen of your iPhone XS Max we will take the phone apart and replace all of these parts with new, high quality ones.


An iPhone XS with average usage throughout the day should last about 12 hours without charging (although this varies depending on how much you use it). It can be really annoying if you suddenly have no battery when it comes to making an important phone call or stuck on a long bus ride with no music!
Replacing the battery of an iPhone XS is really quick and should only take us about 30 minutes while we replace the battery and then perform a quick test to make sure it's all in working order.

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