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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Repair

Models: iPhone A1593, iPhone A1524, iPhone A1522

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Repairs Near SE London, Kent & Surrey Area.

If your iPhone 6 Plus gets damaged, either the screen has cracked or you're perhaps struggling to hear others over the phone, we understand that you will want this repaired in no time, so you can get your device back as good as new. Here at Mobile Point of UK, we are dedicated to providing our customers a high-quality repair with an express turnaround. With a 5.5" HD display, the iPhone 6 Plus was the first largest device introduced in Apple history. It has an improved LED-backlit display than the iPhone 6, with better quality pixels to provide a greater visual and viewing appearance. Apple also raised the rear 8MP camera to provide consumers with the slimmest model yet introduced by the brand. The iPhone 6 Plus offered a new gaming experience for users with improved graphics and a larger screen to enjoy HD films. We can help you with other types of repairs too - from iPhone 6 Plus battery replacement to camera repairs, water damaged repair, faulty charger dock repairs, data recovery and more. Whichever your iPhone 6 Plus repair needs are, get in touch with us and we'll be able to help. Need an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus repair instead? To book an appointment, simply choose a date, time and an Mobile Point of UK store near you in SE London or Kent or Surrey.



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FAQs About the Mobile Phone Repairs

Why should I use Mobile Point of UK rather than a local mobile phone repair shop?

You might think that you can repair your phone for cheaper at a local shop, however, at Mobile Point of UK, we want to ensure everyone has the chance to experience an express high-quality repair. If you find your repair cheaper elsewhere, don't worry, drop in-store or chat with us online and we'll do our very best to match it. If you're still considering replacing your screen at a local shop, make sure you always ask if they offer a guarantee, so if they install a faulty screen you can get your money back. All Mobile Point of UK screen repairs come with a lifetime guarantee, so you don't need to worry about further issues. In addition, we use the highest quality parts, so you don’t have to worry about ending up with a poor quality digitiser, an unresponsive touchscreen or missing pixels. At Mobile Point of UK we have the most popular device parts in stock across the UK, while at a local shop you might need to wait for parts to be delivered, meaning that you’re stuck with a cracked screen for longer.

How can I repair my phone screen?

We recommend that you try the following:
Firstly, assess the damage. Is it scratched or cracked? If it’s just a scratch those are pretty easy to fix yourself.
In the event of a scratch, simply wipe some toothpaste over the mark, gently rubbing it into the screen in a circular motion and making sure you do not remove any surface coating. If this doesn't work, try the same thing with either baking soda or vegetable oil.
If the screen is cracked then you can try and replace it yourself with a DIY phone kit. Alternatively, bring it to your nearest Mobile Point of UK store and we'll fix it for you, fast.