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iPhone 8 Screen Replacement & Repairs in London & Kent.

 If your brand new iPhone 8 is cracked or damage due to an accident, you don’t have to go out and buy a brand new phone. Our fast and easy iPhone 8 screen replacements will have your phone back to good as new condition in under an hour and for an affordable price. Our standard 90-day warranty accompanies every iPhone Repair and Service and iPhone 8 screen replacement. Check iPhone Repair Prices in Apple Store .  

Contact Mobile Point of UK , Anerley Road, London, SE19 2AY for iPhone 8 Screen Repair, iPhone 8 Battery Replacement, iPhone 8 Home Button Replacement, iPhone 8 Charging Port Replacement. 


Our technicians have the skills and expertise to complete any iPhone 8 repair even if you’re not sure what is wrong with your iPhone 8. We use our complimentary diagnostic service to test all of the basic functions of your phone and determine which repair service will solve the problem. This service is obligation-free but we’d be happy to get started on the repair right away.


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  • Did you know that your smartphone screen is separated into two parts? The glass is the outer layer that protects the screen and the LCD is the actual display. Sometimes the glass will be broken on a phone but the LCD remains intact, so only a glass replacement is necessary. Glass and LCD screen repairs are our specialties. Click Here for iPhone Screen Repair Cost and to Book iPhone 8 Screen Replacement & Repairs. 


we are committed to providing iPhone 8 battery replacements at an affordable cost to you. If you find a better price on an iPhone 8 battery replacement, we’ll match it or beat it. at Mobile Point of UK will perform your iPhone 8 battery replacement, or fix any other problem, professionally and as quickly as possible.


we’ll get started on your iPhone 8 charge port repair right away and hope to have it done within an hour or so. We do this all the time and have experience fixing all kinds of iPhone 8 charge port repairs.

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A microphone repair or replacement for your Apple iPhone 8 is necessary if people can not or almost not hear you anymore during a phone call. Also constant lags, tone that cuts out or cracks can point to a microphone problem of your iPhone 8.



iPhone 8 ear speaker replacement, Having trouble understanding who is on the other end of your call? Dust, water and other debris can quite easily impair the performance of the ear speaker of the iPhone 8, which means that the earpiece definitely needs repairing.



The speaker of your iPhone 8 is where music or any other sounds (except when making a phone call at normal volume) come out from. If it gets damaged, it is usually due to water getting where it shouldn't or due to the phone being exposed to steam.

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement & Repair Near Me.