iPhone Screen Replacement 7 plus, Battery Repair, Charging Dock Repair.
Models : iPhone A1661, iPhone A1784, A1785, iPhone A1786.

iPhone screen replacement 7 plus from your local Apple repair service with AAA premium quality screen. We Come to You and Repair your Device in front of you. We Cover London South East and Kent Area. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repairs in London Near Anerley, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Norwood, Addington, Surrey | Beckenham, Kent | Bexley, Kent | Bromley, Kent | Camberwell, London, SE5 | SE6, Catford, London | Chislehurst, Kent | Croydon, Surrey | Dartford, Kent | Dulwich, London | SE9, Eltham, London | SE12, Grove Park, London | SE24, Herne Hill, London | Lewisham, London, SE13 | Orpington, Kent | Selsdon, Surrey | Sidcup, Kent | South-East London.  South-West London.  Streatham, London, SW24.  Sutton, Surrey | Tooting, London, SW17 |  Wandsworth, London, SW18 | West Wickham, Kent.

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  • The display panel of the iPhone 7 Plus is comprised of three different parts; the glass panel, digitize and LCD screen. They are unfortunately all bonded together, meaning that if one of the parts gets damaged we'll need to replace all of them. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement with AAA Quality Screen.


We repair and replace faulty iPhone 7 Plus batteries. If your iPhone 7 Plus takes longer to charge, the iPhone 7 Plus has short battery life or the battery has become deformed, then it's likely that the iPhone 7 Plus battery needs replacing.


If your Apple iPhone 7 Plus does not charge properly anymore or you experience problems connecting to your PC or MAC a repair or replacement of the phone connector port could be necessary. Replacing the iPhone 7 Plus charging port will typically take us around 30 minutes. We take the phone apart, replace the dock connector

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A microphone repair or replacement for your Apple iPhone 7 Plus is necessary if people can not or almost not hear you anymore during a phone call. Also constant lags, tone that cuts out or cracks can point to a microphone problem of your iPhone 7 Plus.


iPhone 7 Plus ear speaker replacement, Having trouble understanding who is on the other end of your call? Dust, water and other debris can quite easily impair the performance of the ear speaker of the iPhone 7 Plus, which means that the earpiece definitely needs repairing.


The speaker of your iPhone 7 Plus is where music or any other sounds (except when making a phone call at normal volume) come out from. If it gets damaged, it is usually due to water getting where it shouldn't or due to the phone being exposed to steam.

iPhone 7 Plus Repair Shop Near Me

Anerley Road, London, SE19 2AY.

FAQ About iPhone 7 Plus;


What is iPhone 7 Plus Screen Size?

iPhone 7 Plus - 5.5-inch LED-back-lit IPS LCD, 1920 x 1080 pixels


iPhone 7 Plus Release Date?

September 16, 2016

Apple also released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in numerous countries worldwide throughout September 16, 2016.


How To Do iPhone 7 Plus Factory Reset?

First method:

  1. Start by switching off the mobile by holding down the Power key for a short while.

  2. In the next step open Home screen.

  3. Then find and select Settings.

  4. From the following options tap General.

  5. Next, choose Reset and select option "Erase All Content and Settings".

  6. Now you should see warning to confirm.