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Apple iPhone 7 Repair

Near SE London, Kent, Surrey

At Mobile Point of UK, We can help you with other types of repairs too - from iPhone 7 battery replacement, iPhone 7 Screen Replacement to camera repairs, water damaged repair, faulty charger dock repairs, data recovery, iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement, iPhone headphone Jack Replacement and more. Whatever your iPhone 7 repair needs are, get in touch with us and we'll be able to help. Need an iPhone 7 plus screen repair instead? To book an appointment, simply choose a date, time and an Mobile Point of UK store near you. iPhone 7 Screen Repair Service Near South East London by Mobile Point of UK, Anerley Road, London, SE19 2AY. 

iPhone 7 Model A1660, A1778, A1780, A1779. Screen Size 4.7 Inch

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iPhone 7 Screen Repair and Replacement 

iPhone 7 Screen Repair and Replacement Cost you only £50.00 with a AAA quality screen. We offer 90 days satisfied warranty on all iPhone 7 LCDs screens. WE CAN COME TO YOU if you live near SE London, Kent, Surrey.

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  • Repair in 45 minutes

  • Highest Quality parts

  • Backed by warranty

  • Qualified technicians

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iPhone 7 Charging Port Replacement.

If your Apple iPhone 7 is not charging anymore or you experience problems connecting to your PC or MAC a repair or replacement of the phone connector port could be necessary. iPhone 7 charging Port Replacement Under 30 minutes. We take the phone apart, replace the dock connector



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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

Are you looking for iPhone 7 Screen Repair Near SE London and Kent is here to help you. We are Local Smart phone repair shop near you. iPhone 7 Screen Repair Cost is only £50. We Can Beat Apple Repair Prices With AAA Copy Screens. As compare to iphone repair prices in London we can beat the prices under OEM screen Qualities.



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iPhone 7 Battery Replacement.

We repair and replace faulty iPhone 7 battery. If your iPhone 7 takes longer to charge, the iPhone 7 has short battery life or the battery has become deformed, then it's likely that the iPhone 7 battery needs replacing. iPhone 7 Apple New Battery only Cost you £50





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FAQs About the iPhone 7 Repairs

How much does the iPhone 7 screen repair cost?

In the UK, Apple charges £152.44 for iPhone 7 screen replacements (without AppleCare+). With AppleCare+, you'll be charged £25. If you decide to replace your screen at a trusted hi-tech repair shop, like Mobile Point of UK, you can save over £85, with our prices starting from £50.

My touchscreen has stopped working - do I need an iPhone 7 screen repair or replacement?

It may be the case that your iPhone 7 needs a screen repair, if there is some behind the scenes circuitry that is damaged, or it may be that you need a full-screen replacement. Before we get to that point, though, let’s see if there are other things that you can do to get your phone up and running without having to book a screen repair appointment.
If it’s a software issue, you can sometimes correct the problem. If there’s a particular app and its use coincides with the screen playing up, try deleting that app. Try holding down the power and home buttons on your iPhone 7 simultaneously for 30 seconds to hard reset the phone. This may well bring the screen back from the dead.
If there has been any physical trauma to the phone, for example, a drop, this may cause some circuit damage even if cosmetically the phone looks ok. In this case, get in touch with us and we can assess whether your device can be fixed with a screen repair or a replacement.

I've smashed my iPhone 7 screen but it is still working - should I book a screen repair?

It’s not uncommon that a cracked screen can continue to function - many people continue to use their phone after they've smashed the screen. Although the iPhone 7 screen may function, you run the risk of dirt particles or liquid gaining access to the inner workings of the phone through the cracks in the screen. This can cause a lot more damage so it’s best to deal with the screen issue as soon as possible.